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  • Posted on: 13 June 2016
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The MAXIEM Waterjet line allowed Tenex Incorporated to embrace and introduce waterjet technology into their shop. For 18 years, their job shop primarily utilized precision laser cutting equipment to manufacture truck components and brackets for customers in the domestic trucking industry. New general management brought fresher ideas to drive more production efficiency and cost-effectiveness to their processes. The MAXIEM line provided an accessible transition to adopt abrasive waterjet technology, and their MAXIEM 1530 JetCutting Center has been busy ever since. Equipped with a new MAXIEM, Tenex Incorporated eliminated the expenditures for outsourcing waterjet cutting projects involving thick stainless steel and aluminum. Bringing the work in-house helped the company emphasize quality control and become the quick, competitive turnaround shop necessary to keep their current clients satisfied and to generate new business prospects.

“Having a waterjet in-house has made a world of difference,” said Shop Manager Giles Martin. “We are considered an emergency-buy company. Working tight schedules in the trucking industry is the nature of our business.

We ship parts to five different companies across the country. We’re really into the ‘fast food’ industry of making customized component parts. Being able to use a waterjet in-house has lessened the stress level to meet deliveries.”

Before they acquired the MAXIEM JetCutting Center, the Tenex job shop operated laser equipment to cut their 5/8th inch or thicker stainless steel and aluminum parts. The laser cutting process took longer since the setup time was more involved, Martin said. When the company decided to farm out the cutting work, contract expenses added up to $4,000 to $8,000 per month. Since waterjet technology can cut a variety of their materials, Tenex acquired their own waterjet cutting equipment giving them the upper hand in competitive production.

“The MAXIEM has been dependable and the quality of the cut has been unreal,” Martin said. “The machine has paid for itself now.”

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